Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Agile Outside IT - Agile Education

Agile is penetrating more and more fields everyday. This is a list of areas which agile have very strong impact nowadays:

  • Education
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Strategic Management 
  • Manufacturing
  • ...

In short, any discipline which leans towards knowledge work will benefit one way or another from the agile values and principles.

This is the first post in a series. In this episode, I will talk very briefly about Agile Education.

Agile in Education:

The first reference is Steve Peha's Article at Infoq: Agile Schools: How Technology Saves Education (Just Not the Way We Thought it Would). What interesting in this article is the the very similar Manifesto for Agile Education which Steve came out with, with minimal changes from it original agile manifesto. Steve has not only mapped the 4 values and the 12 principles, he had also put helpful discussion of team practices which also applies to education!

Another attempt to mapping is done in this workshop by Hala Salah with some school teachers. After introducing them to the Agile Manifesto, Hala has facilitated an exercise with the teachers to come out with a similar value statements for Education. The audience have very smoothly came out with several versions of value statements which reveals the very close correlation between the Agile Manifesto and the field of Education and Study.

The second reference is Probably, the most notable thing in this website is the Agile Education Compass:

This compass "was created by a group of passionate Agile Educators who met face-to-face at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando, Florida between April 16-20, 2016". What's interesting about his compass is that it describes transformation as a journey from traditional eduction notions which has been in the mindset of educators since long like 'content', 'competition', and 'evaluation' to more appealing and agile notions.

The next episode will be about Agile and Sales. Keep Alert!

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