Agile Configuration Management

Configuration Management is one of the great successes of Software Engineering. It was marked by great persons like Gerald Weinberg as one of the achievements of software engineering is the 90's. However, the older the topic, the heavier it became. It is currently perceived that a middle size company would need about 7-10 templates, 4-5 procedures, and many sub-activities to implement a "good" configuration management environment.

Actually, many of these templates, procedures, and activities, adds no or little value, or may add value is other contexts, other than software development. Also, I have seen many practices of real value, but implemented in a completely incorrect manner.

The following blog items tries to outline what could be a lean implementation for Configuration Management for true Agile teams.

Update 17-11-2015:

Recently, I have published a paper titled: Lean CMMI: An Iterative and Incremental Approach to CMMI-Based Process Improvement. What is interesting is this paper is that I used data about adopting good Configuration Management practices to prove that incremental improvement more effective and efficient that process-area-based improvement.

I have presented this paper at the Agile 2015 at Washington D.C. I have written a summary of my paper at this blog: Lean CMMI - My Presentation at Agile2015!

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