Friday, October 1, 2010

Agile Project Management Tools Evaluation

Project management, configuration management, release management, change management, et cetera, are all areas of interest which need tool support. Without such a tool, the area of management would be simply non-existing. I have seem many instances of organizations which assume to have good management practices, all document, email, ms-project based. When I challenged them to do one simple traceability from one requirement to its changes, they either take some good amount of time, or they fail to answer.

Sometime ago, I did an extensive research on the net to look for good open source tools which does the job. Every tool I gone through, I did installed it, experimented with it, and looked deep in its features. I had limited my research to tools which fulfills these criteria (so you may find many other tools not included in this comparison, so most probably they do not fulfill one or more criteria below):

  • The tool is open-source (not even share-ware)
  • The tool has an active development team, which is committed to continue support the tool.
Here is a word document which lists the results of the research. Please note that information is this report is not updated, and will not be updated. So, I recommend that you continue your own research because you may come across a new tool which I might not come across.

Hope this effort helps you in your new projects.