Saturday, April 25, 2015

8 Months of Being Self-Employed!

Today is my 8th month after resignation from SECC and becoming self-employed at Agile Academy. This was a challenge full of new experiences, problems, obstacles, failures and successes :)

It's like any new startup experience, in which you're doing everything which you used to get them done by whoever else! Many things changed in my life like being with my wife and children for a longer time, setting in front of my laptop for a longer time, thinking about business and opening new opportunities. It's an experience in itself, not to be expecting any income at the beginning of every calendar month .. :(

One thing I noticed is that what Allah gives you cannot be compared to your effort. Of course you have to exert all what you can so that Allah give you, but it's always Allah's will, and I felt so relieved when I finally understood that Allah will not let you down as long as you are doing all what you can .. Al7amdulillah.

One very important thing to consider is that you have to always do what you like and what you know. Both are important. Then, الرزق will come along the way, whether through direct work you produce or through any other route.

One more thing .. It's not appropriate to work day and night. You have other obligations in life which you have to fulfill, like your parents, your wife and children, your own self, and before all of that, your Lord Allah SWT.