Sunday, May 18, 2014

Detect Code Duplicates Using ConQAT

Finally, I had sometime to do this simple and invaluable tutorial on your first steps with ConQAT to detect code clones.
  • Open eclipse with conqat enabled
  • From the file menu - New - Other - ConQAT - Run Config:

  •  Select a parent project to create the conqat config. This may be any project or folder, even an empty project. 

  • Fill the missing parameters, then click the launch config link as in the next screen shot: 

  • After the run completes, and xml file containing all the clones are generated in the output folder. To view the clones, , goto clone detection - open clone file. 

  • Here you are:

  • Don't forget to open the clones perspective. This will help you visualize the clones.