Monday, October 26, 2015

Things are Inverted in Agile!

It seems that many things in Agile are INVERTED !!

I noticed two important aspects (so far):

Project Startup Activities

We used to code then deploy. Just before deployment, we figure out how are we going to deploy, on which server, testing environment or staging environment. Usually, we may wait for sometime till these logistics are sorted out. 
In agile, things are different. We start by preparing the deployment environment, set it up, link it to our code deployment scripts using some Continuous Integration and Deployment tool. 

The Famous Design Phase

"In TDD, there is no design stage; design is inverted and distributed.", I quoted this from the online TDD training from Industrial Logic. It is fairly true and powerful concept. 
The idea is to code-test-design (or refactor) instead of design-code-test. Well, there has to be some upfront critical architectural decisions, but these are very few and takes several hours to several days at most.