Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Presenting At the Agile Conference 2013

I'm presenting at Agile2013 inshaAllah :)

What I will present is the result of last year's work on continuous refactoring of legacy applications. Here is my session proposal details: Refactoring as a Lifeline: Lessons Learned from Refactoring.

The Agile conference is the biggest international conference about Agile Software development featuring more than 200 sessions delivered in 5 days. 


Ma7moud El-Naggar said...

Hope you will enjoy this
if the sessions will be recorded post links here
best regards

Amr Noaman said...

Thanks Mahmoud,

Most probably, I will be talking abou the same topic in the upcoming Agile gathering in Egypt (tentatively planned next June inshaAllah)

And, sure I will post the session if it is recorded inshaAllah :)

Anonymous said...


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