Monday, April 25, 2011

Motivating teams to pilot Agile projects

This is an excellent advice by Gerald Weinberg, in this interview. The idea is that when doing organizational change, we need some projects to pilot changes before applying then to the rest of the organization. If projects are selected by management, the project team will view it as an assignment and may not cooperate very well. This is a problem that we need to handle when working with Agile adoption projects.

Weinberg suggests an excellent technique that he used many times, and had excellent results. He builds upon the innate developers' attraction to new ideas, technologies, frameworks, etc. The technique is to announces that if any team wants to become a pilot, they have to defend why they deserve it!

Simple and effective. He says that teams argued that instead of having one or two pilots, they all want equal opportunity of becoming pilots. Far beyond what a consultant would dream of!

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