Redmine Tips & Tricks

Redmine is one of the excellent general-purpose project management and workitem tracking tool. It is open-source, full of features, has many many useful plugins. On top of all, it took the best rating in the evaluation I have done for open-source Agile project management tools.

Below are some issues that I faced and how we resolved them. I think it would be very helpful to share it with all of us.

Issue: Redmine is very slow. It takes more than 2 minutes to create an issue!
Resolution: Check email notification. Connecting to the mail server may be very expensive. Disable email notification and try again :)

Issue: Cannot do bulk update on issues end dates (fields do not appear on the bulk edit properties list)
Resolution: One of the issues is closed. By default, redmine does not list date fields in case the issue is closed. I will open a but on redmine for this.

Issue: Customers cannot see the project
Resolution: Check whether the project is made public or not. This is a checkbox in the project settings. 

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